ITRAM HIGIENE expands its strategic alliances, now with BOONS FIS

Boons strategic alliancies

“Like virtually every business sector, the world of industrial cleaning will also need to take into account the technological progress and digital applications that are constantly emerging. Technology 4.0 is having a special mention in many applications that will offer us numerous possibilities and new applications through computerization.”

ITRAM HIGIENE, aware of the challenge of applying new and innovative technologies in the field of food hygiene, began a few months ago an ambitious project of innovation in application systems that aims to bring technology 4.0 closer to cleaning and disinfection of open surfaces and to equipment of the food industries.

Our objective

At ITRAM we want to integrate knowledge as a source of added value, betting on R + D + i; not as a specific activity, but as a permanent and strategic activity of the company. As a result of this objective, today we present the technical and commercial agreement that ITRAM HIGIENE has signed with the Belgian company BOONS FIS.

Agreements between BOONS FIS and Itram Higiene

The agreement between BOONS and ITRAM HIGIENE, on one hand, includes the exclusive distribution by ITRAM HIGIENE of BOONS FIS innovative cleaning and disinfection equipment and systems, in Portuguese and Spanish territory.

On the other hand, it includes teamwork that integrates the experiences and knowledge of both parties to develop innovative cleaning and disinfection equipment that, at the same time, allows us to collect data and information to optimize cleaning and disinfection processes in the current context. This is a first step in the development of the digitization of our systems.

Equipment and solutions

BOONS equipment is the best complement to the offer of equipment, systems and solutions that ITRAM currently has. They increase technique and integrate high technology and innovation in centralized, mobile and automatic systems.

The current offer of ITRAM HIGIENE in cleaning equipment and application systems, through this strategic agreement, is one of the most complete and competitive offers on the market.

BOONS FIS is a family business with stores in Deinze and Waardenburg; Industrial cleaning, handling and hygiene equipment has been its driving force for 35 years.

ITRAM HIGIENE and BOONS FIS are companies with similar objectives and philosophies. Both companies aim to be an international benchmark in the field of development and commercialization of products, equipment and systems that improve the sanitation processes of the food industry. Providing value to our customers through innovation, our greatest avid milestone.