Biofilm remove product range

The presence of biofilms on food surfaces is the main cause of contamination of the final product. The consequences of this contamination can lead to economic losses. These are due both to the necessary rejection of the product and even to the development of diseases, if pathogenic microorganisms interfere.

For this reason, it is necessary to eliminate all microorganisms from food contact surfaces, before they contaminate them, with products for the control of biofilms.

The presence of biofilms on industrial work surfaces during a manufacturing process is the main cause of contamination of the final product.

To prevent the risks and cost of damage caused by biofilms, effective cleaning and disinfection procedures are necessary to eliminate biofilms.


Positive Biofinder TestITRAM HYGIENE has developed a range of products for biofilm control (detection and elimination) in the food industry. The objective of this work focuses on searching for naturally produced antibiofilm molecules for the development of sanitizing products. In other words, replace traditional chemicals and obtain highly biodegradable and less aggressive products. This way, industries protect the environment, the health of cleaning personnel, their facilities, increase job security and, in turn, guarantee the hygiene of their facilities.

ITRAM has developed BioFinder, an innovative solution for detecting biofilms on open surfaces and an effective tool for hygiene control. BioFinder reacts by detecting biofilms. Simply spray BioFinder on the surfaces of the installation to immediately reveal the contaminated areas through a simple visual inspection.

Biofilms are invisible at first sight, but can be detected. BioFinder has been tested on the most common microorganisms in the food industry.

Once the biofilms have been detected with Biofinder ITRAM has developed an innovative solution to eliminate biofilms, combining enzyme technology and surfactant chemistry, making it an exclusive technology on the market and completely biodegradable. The enzymes used in the ITRAM HYGIENE range act specifically on the extracellular polymeric substances that form the biofilm structure, degrading it and leaving the bacteria exposed so that they can be easily eliminated in the disinfection phase.

ITRAM’s range of foaming enzymatic products for open surfaces include: ENZYJET, ENZYJET PLUS: BIOJET, ENZYBASIC, ENZYBAC, ENZYCOLD FOAM

To eliminate biofilms in CIP circuits we have TENSIOCIP, BIOCIP, ENZYCIP, ENZYCOLD CIP

We will choose one product or another depending on its specific use.

Dra. Irene Ylla

Head of R&D