Farmigel 85, hydroalcoholic gel registered by AEMPS


Different strokes for different folks! At Itram Hygiene, we know that not all of us have the same preferences or needs with the hygiene products that we use in our facilities. And in order to offer a greater range of options and the possibility of choosing the product or format that best meets these preferences, at Itram Hygiene we expand our range of hydroalcoholic solutions for antiseptic hand cleaning. That’s right, we expand it by offering the hydroalcoholic solution in gel format that so many have been waiting for: Farmigel 85.

Farmigel 85, like Farmitram BAC, is an antiseptic hydroalcoholic solution for the hygienic treatment of hands by friction, but in gel format.
Farmigel 85, is especially indicated for the disinfection of hands in the food, health, pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields. Due to its high percentage of ethanol (85%) it offers bactericidal, fungicidal, yeasticidal and virucidal effectiveness.  The product passed the respective tests of effectiveness UN 13727 and UN 1500, UN1650, UN 13624 and UN14476, respectively.

Farmigel 85, hygienic and surgical hand disinfection


Farmigel 85 is recommended for both hygienic hand antisepsis and surgical hand antisepsis. Hygienic hand antisepsis must be carried out in the environment such as the food industry.  Now, also in supermarkets, offices and public spaces due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19. For this use, it is required to apply the product, about 5 mL, directly on the clean and dry hand. With the dispenser, the application of the product is very easy. Once in the hand, the product must be distributed over the entire hand by rubbing, which must be done for at least 30 seconds and until its total evaporation.

For surgical hand antisepsis in the healthcare setting, a minimum of 5mL of Farmigel 85 should be applied to clean and dry hands and forearms.  Rub for 45 seconds, after this time, continue rubbing until hands are dry. Next, a second application of the product will be made in the same way and rubbing for a minimum of 45 seconds and until the product has completely evaporated.

Two more characteristics of Farmigel 85 to highlight are:
• It’s a volatile hydroalcoholic gel, it evaporates quickly without leaving any residual odors or flavors.
• With skin protectors: although it contains a high ethanol content, it does not cause dryness in the hands because it has skin protectors.

Finally, Farmigel 85 allows to respond to the need to be able to use gel dispensers already present in certain facilities for an Itram Hygiene product. A product which complies with the efficacy tests and is registered in the Spanish Medicines Agency (AEMPS). For this purpose, Farmigel 85 is sold in 500 mL and 1L bottles with dispenser, and also in 5L jugs.

Farmigel 85 is the gel alternative to Farmitram Bac liquid hand sanitizer.