Deciding between a centralized or decentralized OPC (Open Plan Cleaning) in open surfaces

Do you need a new OPC cleaning system? Itram Hygiene offers you various options in mobile, fixed and automatic installations. In the case of choosing a fixed installation, you must opt ​​for a centralized or decentralized cleaning system. In this post we are going to see the peculiarities of each of these systems so that you can choose the option that best suits your cleaning and disinfection needs in food industries.

equipos centralitzados

Decentralized cleaning system

Decentralized cleaning systems are systems in which the water is sent from the central pumping unit to the satellites through pipes at a pressure of around 20 bar. The satellites will have suction pipes for the detergent and / or disinfectant in carafes placed in a drum holder, each satellite will have a drum holder located below the satellite.

The mixing of water, detergent and air is carried out thanks to a venturi. The concentration of the detergent and disinfectant is regulated by means of mini nozzles (jet) that allow controlling the concentration of use of each of the detergents used. We have satellites capable of sucking up to 4 different chemical products.

The operator can use the decentralized cleaning system to lather, rinse or sanitize simply with the selector switch. These satellites can be supplied in a mobile stainless-steel cart with capacity for two drums.

The benefits of decentralized cleaning systems for small production environments or with diverse cleaning needs are considerable. This is because centralized chemical lines are not required and a different chemical can be used for each job, type of dirt or area to clean.


Centralized cleaning system

Centralized cleaning systems integrate a CBU or central chemical supply unit and centralized satellites. The CBU unit is connected to several centralized satellites using stainless steel pipes. The central chemical dosing unit is connected in a technical room and doses the chemicals at the appropriate dosage. Through the pipeline network to the satellite stations that are located and distributed throughout the production plant. A different CBU dosage unit is provided for each chemical product required: alkaline foam, disinfectant detergent, acid, disinfectant, enzymatic, …

The CBU units incorporate a rigid stainless-steel housing with a lockable door. So, the installation is protected from external risks and access by unauthorized persons.

The centralized satellites are installed in different places in the production space and are provided with a selector to easily choose between foaming, rinsing with water at 20 bar or disinfection.

These centralized systems are intended for large production spaces with an established cleaning protocol, for production environments with multiple bypass points, for companies that do not want chemicals on the production plant and want to prevent staff from handling chemicals or modifying use concentrations. At the same time centralized stations allow you to buy chemicals by volume, such as IBCs.


boons equipos de limpiezaITRAM HIGIENE equipment and satellites

With both systems we start from a permanently installed pressure booster pump, with or without a water reserve tank. The type of pressure-booster installation depends on the pressure required and the number of satellites and / or cleaning operators that need to clean simultaneously, this information is very important to be able to size the flow rate of the pump that we will need. All ITRAM HIGIENE equipment and satellites are simple to operate, rigid, reliable and assembled according to the hygienic design principle.

A mechanically or pneumatically controlled satellite is an additional option for decentralized installations. Satellites for a central installation are always pneumatically controlled. We offer our central satellites with or without a housing. In versions with housing, the pneumatic ball valves with actuator are mounted in this housing. With satellites without a housing, pneumatic ball valves are mounted in the technical loft.

To ensure smooth operation, all systems can be further expanded with automatic self-winding reels that are for different lengths of cleaning hoses.

In conclusion, when choosing between a centralized or decentralized cleaning system, we must take into account the following main aspects:

Centralized system

  • Ideal for larger new build installations
  • No chemicals within the production area
  • Possible bulk / volume purchase of chemicals
  • Higher investment cost in pipe installation

  Decentralized system

  • Ideal for existing or smaller production environments
  • Possibility of using different types of chemical products in each space thanks to the use of individual bottles.
  • Lower cost of investment in installation

Are you looking for a new cleaning system for your industry located in Spain or Portugal? Do not hesitate to contact our sales team. They will be happy to discuss the options with you!