Centralized equipment supply pressurized water from the pumping station, and also pre-mixed product detergent and/or disinfectant from the chemical plant. This type of units provide a greater occupational safety and process safety.

Unidades centralizadas de químico CBU


Centralized CBU chemical units are units that include a chemical dosing system that is connected through stainless steel pipes to the satellites. The unit is standard built in a stainless steel cabinet.

They incorporate a 7 bar pump (Grundfos CRIE type) and a dosing pump.

The dosing pump is pulse and flow controlled ensuring perfect dosing precision.

The built-in PLC with BOONS FIS programming guarantees the perfect operation of the unit and the dosage. The display easily allows a simple adaptation of the parameters.

A 120 liter stainless steel water tank with automatic change.

It incorporates mechanisms for the protection of excess capacity and protection against water shortage.

In addition to a superior hygienic design, these satellites are extremely easy to use and clean, both front and rear, and this without removing the satellites for maintenance.


The central CS satellites are piped to the CBU’s central chemical dosing unit and are standard equipped with 1 rinse function and 1 stop function.

Depending on the CBU chosen, these can be expanded with 1 or 2 foam functions, 1 additional rinse function and 1 sanitize function.

Pneumatically actuated stainless steel ball valves provide activation of rinse water and chemicals in the tubing. To avoid the return and mixing of different products in the pipes, check valves in stainless steel are provided.

The satellite is operated by a pneumatic system.

Actuated selector switch (max. 5 positions, including function stop), integrated in a sloping stainless steel housing.

The satellites are attached to a hose reel with cleaning hose and accessories