We have an extensive range of spare parts and accessories: hoses, nozzles, lances, valves, quick links… The complete range of accessories ensures easy operation and secure cleaning of the equipment.

Hoses kit 4 colors

Hose with couplings in stainless steel. Available in 4 colours: blue, red, green, yellow and with fixed or reusable couplings (allows for repair without pressing)

Automatic hoses picker

Automatic hose picker in stainless steel. Optionally includes swivel wall support (recommended). No Hose included.

Low pressure blue ST 2725 pistol with quick bond and latch.

ST 3225 Blue Low pressure pistol with quick link and latch lock.

Low pressure blue valve with quick link.

Black rubber vulcanized low pressure valve.

Lance 600 mm Blue 15/30.

Rinse nozzle Blue 25/30.

Rinse nozzle Blue 15/30.

Low flow rinse nozzle Black 15/20.

Foam Nozzle White.

Disinfection nozzle Yellow 25/30.

Jet Nozzle Green.

Stainless steel nozzle for rinsing/disinfecting, with adjustable angle and pressure.

Stainless steel Nozzle Hanger.

Male quick-link coupler for stainless hose.

Stainless female Quick Link with ½ male thread.

Stainless female Quick Link with ½ female thread.

Stainless Steel Hose Support.

SCANFOAM Satellite detergent suction Tube.

Reusable stainless coupling for ½ hoses “-2 pieces

Wall holder for Carafes

Stainless steel carafe holder with lockable locking system.
Complies with the BRC Food safety regulations (3.11 Incident management, product withdrawal 3.11.1 clause)
Complies with the IFS food Standard for auditing the quality and food safety of foodstuffs (4.10 cleaning and disinfecting, 4.10.8 clause)

Pneumatic pump for chemical transfer CTX

Pneumatic pump to transfer product from an IBC or drum. (13.2 l/min).
Tool-free pump changes with our quick change pump support.
Chemically resistant PVC hose.
Weighted suction line with filter and check valve.
Air regulator with filter.
Strain relief in discharge hose.
Hastelloy component trigger gun for compatibility.
Pneumatic diaphragm pump with quick-release hose barbs.
Available with Santoprene, Viton and/or Kalrez pump seals.
We have models from 1 pump to 4 pumps: CTX1, CTX2, CTX3, CTX4.

Dosing equipment for wash tunnels with conductivity control

Excellent suction capacity even with viscous products – flow rate up to 1.5 L/min
• Excellent flow uniformity, even with the most dense chemicals
• Completely self-priming – at the push of a button the large membrane will generate a strong Suction for vacuuming the chemical, the intelligent system of asymmetrical antireturn valves will create a seal that maintains the pressure in the tube and in the suction chamber. Our equipment has good dry-running characteristics, which means that the membrane has good resistance to wear during priming time or if chemicals are exhausted.
• Limited maintenance – no need to change pump tube saves costs
• Chemical resistance – special materials that allow the use of the most aggressive chemicals, such as a PTFE derivative for the membrane and Viton Extreme for Antireturn valves.
The dosing equipment can incorporate 1 to 3 pumps: 1 detergent pump, 1 pump of less flow for antifoaming and a pump for disinfectant.