ITRAM HIGIENE becomes part of the multinational CHRISTEYNS

Vic, July 1, 2021. The international group CHRISTEYNS, leader in the European hygiene market, acquires the Catalan company ITRAM HIGIENE, hygiene experts for the food industry. This investment is part of the strategy adopted by CHRISTEYNS to extend its activities to the food hygiene market and represents a step forward in its expansion to the …

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Brunet multipurpose degreaser, clean and reduce bacterial load!

In the food industry, it is common for residues and dirt to constantly appear on surfaces, which requires a necessary daily cleaning of all facilities, machinery and utensils with powerful and effective multipurpose degreaser. To provide a quick and effective solution to this phenomenon, Itram Higiene launches the best ally for cleaning and maintenance in …

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Barcelona Biofilm Summit 2020

OCTOBER 7, BARCELONA BIOFILM SUMMIT, a congress whose objective is to deepen and provide an updated vision of the problem represented by the presence of biofilms in food production plants and drinks and associated risk management and control strategies. The best specialists in biofilms together as speakers. A real privilege. In this second edition we …

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combat biofilms


The presence of biofilms on food surfaces is the main cause of contamination of the final product. The consequences of this contamination can lead to economic losses. These are due both to the necessary rejection of the product and even to the development of diseases, if pathogenic microorganisms interfere. For this reason, it is necessary …

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EnzyCold: Effectively remove biofilms with cold water

Biofilms are one of the biggest threats to the food industries. Biofilms are complex communities of microorganisms capable of colonizing and adhering to most surfaces. A mature biofilm is a source of critical contamination, due to the protection afforded by SPE, and difficult to remove since they are highly resistant to conventional cleaning and disinfection …

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Itram Higiene has achieved with its ITRAM COVID-19 Solidarity fund a return with the hygiene and disinfection habits. Itram Higiene has achieved with its ITRAM COVID-19 Solidarity fund a return with the hygiene and disinfection habits. Aware of the current emergency situation caused by the coronavirus COVID-19, from Itram we created the ITRAM COVID-19 solidarity …

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The environmental nebulizers, your best ally for disinfection

The concern about the current health crisis caused by Covid-19 has generated a boom in the demand for disinfectants by air, nebulizers. Air disinfection methods are recommended as long as they are carried out after prior cleaning and disinfection of the space. In this sense, our technical department highlights its effectiveness in deep cleaning of …

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Barcelona Food Safety – COVID-19 AND FOOD SECURITY

On June 3, the Barcelona Food Safety Forum (BFS2020) was held, which this year opted for a 2nd digital edition so we don’t miss the opportunity to share knowledge and learning with different professionals in the sector of food safety. For this reason, the BSA 2020 forum consisted of an online session where the learning …

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15 years with Itram Hygiene

15 years with Itram Hygiene An exciting adventure that has just begun This October, Itram Hygiene is celebrating its 15 years. When we look back, fifteen years have flown by. In this time, we have evolved maintaining the essence that defines us from our beginnings. It has also served us to grow in knowledge and …

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