15 years with Itram Hygiene

An exciting adventure that has just begun

This October, Itram Hygiene is celebrating its 15 years.

When we look back, fifteen years have flown by. In this time, we have evolved maintaining the essence that defines us from our beginnings. It has also served us to grow in knowledge and professionalism, to redefine our mission as a company and to be increasingly clear where we come from and especially where we are going.

It all started with a simple dream, then presented itself as a project and has gradually grown to become a reality.

But getting here has been an experience with ups and downs, of perseverance and sacrifice, with immense enthusiasm and always, eager to make things the best possible. The beginnings were really difficult, no one was betting on us. Despite the experience in the sector, it was really hard to attract the first customers. When we began to get the first results, we suffered the misfortune of the unfortunate plane crash of 2015 in which we lost Dora and Marta; two highly appreciated people from our team. Undoubtedly, one of the hardest moments of our lives and most critical of the trajectory of Itram. Despite all the difficulties and misfortunes, we managed to overcome ourselves and, with a lot of effort, we were gaining the trust of more clients every day, national and international, until obtaining a presence in more than 25 countries.

15 años con Itram Higiene

15 years with Itram Hygiene

Often, I wonder what has been the key to get here. The answer is that there is not a single key, but a combination of keys. To know the needs of customers and offer solutions with differential value; surround yourself with a good team of professionals; be very careful with expenses; consider the competition but without obsession and without diverting business attention and goals; talk a lot with customers; have responsiveness; practice a permanent communication strategy and have a vocation for service.

We have specialized in food hygiene

A sector of activity that captivated me from day one and to which I have dedicated practically my entire professional life. Before starting the ITRAM HYGIENE project, I worked for many years in a chemical manufacturing company, in which I was somehow an entrepreneur and an innovator. ITRAM HIGIENE has provided since its inception a different way of seeing and understanding food hygiene; with a much more global vision that does not limit the offer to a mere exchange of chemicals, our goal was, and is, to become the hygiene partner of our customers and help ensure the best food safety standards.

ITRAM’s main strength is without a doubt its human team

During these 15 years ITRAM has managed to bring together a young, dynamic, professional and dedicated team at the service of customers.

In the business world, success and longevity are the ideal ingredients for the smooth running of a business. The anniversary of a company is a very special event. We know that the anniversary of the company is a great time to share, to highlight the values ​​that have allowed the achievements, to explain the social commitment maintained over time, to thank the people and organizations that have helped, to draw the great challenges that lie ahead and, for all these reasons, the anniversary that we begin today and will extend for a whole year.

Turning years old, in the business world, deserves a celebration. And as we are celebrating our birthday, we have prepared different events to celebrate it, which we will be reporting on in the coming weeks. We anticipate that in October we will have a big birthday party; where we want to have the presence of our main customers, suppliers, employees, relatives and collaborators. In addition, we will organize technical seminars on biofilms; where we will have the presence of experts of recognized national and international prestige. We will launch new and innovative products, equipment and solutions and inform you in due course of many more news that we hope will delight you and give more shine and notoriety to this 15th anniversary.

Itram Higiene, 15 años de aventura

Because 15 years are not celebrated every day and it has been very difficult for us to get here, so we want to THANK all those who have participated in these 15 years of adventure. An exciting adventure that has just begun.

Martirià Latorre Riu

CEO Itram Hygiene