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improve your results in food hygiene.

BIOFILMS, Detection, Control and elimination.


Food security is theatened by the adhesion of microorganisms to surfaces, a phenomenon known as biofilms.

Food hygiene – cleanning and desinfection


Comprehensive solutions indetergents and desinfectants for cleaning and desinfecting processes in the food industry.

Applications, dosage and control equipment.


Wide range of foam cleaning equipment, proces automatin, custom projects and environmental desinfection equipment.

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We want to become the partner of trust of out customers, helping

efficiently and cost-effectively in the hygiene management.

Specialty chemicals

We manufacture a wide range of specialty chemicals, detergents and desinfectants, and application, dosing and control systems.

Commitment to quality

Different fully automated production lines enable us to adapt to different production capacities.

Human team

We are multidisciplinary team witch, as a whole, provides a solid foundation that guarantees a high level of professionalism.

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Dra. Elena Beltran

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Dra. Elena Beltran

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Katinka Condes.

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